Tuesday, 28 August 2012

*Shopping Haul*

River Island






Hey lovelies, how was everyone's bank holiday? Mine was pretty quiet just had some lovely days out with the boyfriend :) So before my wish list post I had just gone shopping which actually inspired me to make my wish list. I find that usually when I go shopping I just buy things that I like when I see them, when there are actually things I want. Do any of you do this? I think the majority of girls do :/ oopsies. 

Anyway I thought I'd share with you the items I did buy. I mentioned in my last post that I'm moving to Spain in September for a year so the items I bought are key items that I will wear a lot and that I can mix and match. Hope you like them :) I'd love to know what you think so drop me a comment :)

Monday, 27 August 2012

* New Image *

Just a quick post just to inform you all of my new image for my blog. When I first created my blog I didn't really have a design in mind so I just used one of the pre-set templates, but the other day this idea just popped into my head and voila here it is :) What do you all think? Hope it makes it easy to read and you all enjoy reading what I have to write about. Thank you :)


Saturday, 25 August 2012

My First Wish List *♥*

Hey lovelies :) how's everyone's week been? Just like the post title this post is about my wish list. I titled it 'My first wish list' although obviously its not but its my first wishlist on my blog :) anyway enough of the rambling and onto the items...

1. Military Jacket - the one in the picture is from Newlook but right now these jackets are in every high street shop from Primark to Topshop. They're really big this season and I want one so much :)

2. Laptop bag - I really love this laptop bag its so so pretty and I would've bought it by now only the measurements aren't stated online and it's not in my local River Island :( sad times. If any of you have it or know how I can find out the dimensions your comments would be much appreciated :)

3. Chelsea Boots - Chelsea Boots for some reason are becoming very popular this A/W a few shops stocked them last year and I was debating getting a pair but I never found the right ones. I love these ones as the wine colour on the sides is like my favourite colour for winter.

4. Tube / Disco Pants - they're called tube pants in River Island but these look so much like the AA disco pants. I tried them on the other day and they fit so nice ( they we're a struggle to pull up though :/ ) If I hadn't bought as much as I had before I saw these I would've bought them but for now they're on my wish list :)

5. Moustache Tank Top - How cool is all this moustache print? Does anyone else love it as much as me? I think its so cool and simple. This tank is from Newlook and at £7.99 its such a bargain.

6. Peplum Top - Finally my last item is this peplum top. I think the fit looks so feminine and I love the little cap sleeves. Why haven't peplum tops been around before they're so so pretty and stylish :) oh and I forgot to mention this one is from Topshop :)

So I thought now would be a good time to mention that I'm moving to Spain for a year in September and I have to pack my life into two bags :( so hard. So seen as I have to keep the buying to a minimum as I already have loads you can expect to see more of these wish lists :)

Does anyone else love making wish lists then ticking them off when you own the items or just like to dream?
Enjoy your bank holiday weekend  :) It's sadly going to be a rainy one :( 


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

* Statement Collars *

Hello lovelies, this post is all about the collar. It's been a big trend for S/S 2012 and I'm hoping it will continue through A/W too 'cause I just love it. Thought I'd share with you my few pieces...

The above two pictures are of collar tips, they're really simple but I think they can really complete a simple outfit. You can get these in most high street shops now or grab a bargain on ebay but my two pairs came from my nan :) Don't you just love when old styles come back into fashion and you can just raid your nan's wardrobe.

This is quite a stiff add on collar and it really jazzes up a simple blouse. I got this lil' beauty in the topshop sale and the detail is so so pretty I had to take a close up 'cause the first picture didn't quite do it justice.

Finally this is a beaded peter pan type necklace, the peter pan collar shape has been big for quite a while now and now that they come as necklaces its easy to add to any outfit. I got mine from Matalan and at £2.50 it was such a bargain.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about statement collars, which one is your favourite? Do you think they're gonna last through to A/W, I hope so anyway cos they're so stylish. Hope you've all had a good day enjoying the sunshine while it lasts :) 


Thursday, 2 August 2012

♥ D.I.Y Glitter Nails ♥

Hey lovlies thought I'd share my amazing idea with you all. Lately I've really been into glitter nails and I've been desperate to achieve the look. My inspiration came when I saw a picture of a Lynnderella nail varnish which you can read about in my previous post here.

So I decided to buy craft glitter and got down to business...

This is all you will need to achieve glitter nails and this glitter is so cheap to buy too so its really worth it. This pot cost me 50p but I've used hardly any of it so it will last ages.

As I wanted to try this out to make sure it worked first I don't have pictures of a step by step guide but its so easy. 
First you should paint your nails with a clear coat of nail varnish so its easier to remove later on.
Then it gets fun, make sure you have a magazine or some paper under your hand not to pour glitter everywhere and that way it's easier to return the excess back into the bottle.
Now you have to apply another top coat and immediately before it can dry pour the glitter onto the nail, then just shake off the excess.
Do this for each nail and once satisfied paint on a top coat and your done :)
I also painted on a glitter top coat just to add extra shine but its really not needed.

Its that easy and here's how they turned out...

I'd love to see pictures if any of you try this out and just thought I should say that the glitter I bought was a purple colour but once I added the top coat it went much lighter so you might want to consider that if you buy some. Hope your all enjoying your day :)
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