Friday, 14 December 2012


Hey lovelies,
Yes that's right, as you've probably guessed form the title of this post, I went to Paris with my lovely friend Sian!!!!! And my oh my was it amazing.
Such a good time of the year to visit as there's Christmas lights and decorations everywhere and everyone is wrapped up embracing the cold... so magical.
Our main reason for venturing to Paris was to see Chris Brown (ahh faint). He was absolutely amazing and a moment I will never forget in my life, but whilst we were there we saw a few sights and managed to fit in a few vintage shops. The lovely Kirsti from SilentSweetheart was kind enough to give me some addresses of the vintage shops she had visited in the summer and although I wasn't as lucky as her in finding some pretty vintage items I did manage to pick up some Levi and Wrangler denim shorts at 5 euros each..... Now that's a bargain. 

I shall now stop my rambling and let the pictures do the talking as words cannot describe how beautiful Paris is.....

p.s check out silentsweetheart's blog (link above) as she has now reached 300 followers and is holding a lovely giveaway.
 Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 2 December 2012

*I Turned 21*

Hello Lovelies :)
As you've probably guessed from the post title it was my birthday last Monday and I turned 21 :D I had the most amazing day and I was spoilt rotten!! My mother surprised me and is taking me to NEW YORK!!! Ahhh so excited. We are going next April for a few days and I cannot wait. Apart from that being the best present ever she also bought me a Pandora charm bracelet and had my friends and family to buy me charms for it :) It's so beautiful and shiny, I love it!

On top of all that my wonderful boyfriend bought me a Tiffany necklace and wow, it's so so shiny and pretty it's like every girls dream. He then treated me to a delicious meal in a restaurant called Alfreds in a town close to mine, we had such a lovely evening it really was the best birthday ever.

To celebrate I had a party in my house on the Saturday night with all my friends and family. We sang karaoke and my father and brother set off some fireworks. I was quite busy playing hostess to everyone so I didn't manage to take a photo of my outfit but my mother did take one of me by my cake but it came out a little blurry :( I've still posted it below as I promised in a previous post that I would and although it's a little blurry you can still see my outfit. I also included my outfit that I wore when my boyfriend took me out for a meal.

My birthday in photos.....

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