Tuesday, 29 January 2013

*Carpe Diem*

Hello Lovelies :)

So I have another outfit post for you today, hoorah!! Being exam time and the fact that I don't have a lot of places to go, either I've just had pj's and jogger days or quickly popped on jeans and a tee to nip to the shop. It's still exam time but since I have a week until my next exam Sian and I decided to go shopping.. AGAIN! These Spanish sales are no good for my bank balance but on the up side I now have new pretty items to hang in my wardrobe :) Expect to see a (picture heavy) haul post soon.

So the other night I got around to cutting my Levi shorts. When I bought them in Paris they had simply been cut straight across from jeans, I assume, so I had to cut them to fit and I'm rather happy with how they turned out. I have another pair to do so hopefully they will turn out the same but who knows with my cutting skills :/

T-Shirt - Chirs Brown Concert
Levi Shorts - Charity Shop (Paris)
Cosy Tights - Primark
Shoes - Vans
Jacket - Newlook (kids)
Belt and Bag - Stradivarius

(excuse the horrible bedroom lighting I took them in the night)

This post is dedicated to my Chris Brown fan t-shirt I bought in his concert in Paris. I think it really works with these shorts and I kept it really simple but added a pop of red (new belt, new bag) to add some colour. 
Hope you like my outfit! Enjoy the rest of your day :)


Saturday, 26 January 2013

*OOTW* #2

Hello Lovelies :)

So after last weeks success I've decided that this will be a regular Saturday style post. It's really fun creating outfits pretending like you own anything and everything from all shops. For some reason I still like to stay practical and choose items that can be mixed and matched and worn with other things during most weather situations. It's nice to know that you don't need to branch away from cheap high street stores to create cute outfits but maybe some weeks I'll mix it up a bit and throw in a dream outfit shall we call it. Anyway this week as you may have seen from my previous post I have been lusting over tea dresses. This one actually caught my eye first whilst browsing on New Look as its so simple and can be dressed up and dressed down and literally worn in any situation. Since then I started noticing them everywhere especially Topshop (you can see some of their collection here).

This outfit is very *matchy matchy* but I kinda like that about it. I feel it makes it stand out more. I've opted for a navy cardigan and navy socks in this case as it's still wintery outside but change those for a cream cardigan and white socks and your still good to go come rain or shine :) 

Dress - NewLook / Cardigan, Shoes, Belt and Socks - Topshop / Bag - Asos

I hope you like this outfit. Would any of you wear it? I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Friday, 25 January 2013

*Tea Dresses @ Topshop*

Hello :)

Whilst scouring all shop websites I noticed Topshop have some amazing tea dresses. The prints on these dresses are so pretty and I think these dresses suit everyone all shapes and sizes. They're perfect for both winter, with a chunky knit and some cosy tights, and summer, with some cute sandals and a topknot. I've selected some of my favourites to share with you, take a look....

1.    £26 but in petite range, but Motel @ Topshop do a similar version for £45 but without the pretty back.

2.    £38

3.    £38

4.    £38

5.    £46
Hope you enjoyed reading :) Do any of you have these dresses and which is your favourite? Leave a comment :)


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

*Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse Foundation*

(Sorry for the terrible phone picture quality)

Hope you're all doing well!

My beauty posts are usually just about nail varnish and designs so I thought I would try something new and what better way to start than with this amazing product.
I'm new to the makeup world as I have only been wearing day makeup for about a year and a half now. Being 21 that may be a little shocking to some of you beauty addicts in the blogosphere but I never felt the need to wear it. Other than turning a tomato red during exercise and the occasional class presentation I was quite happy with my skin. I was also weary of the fact that wearing makeup makes your skin worse but I was never aware of how flawless it can make your skin look when on. I do feel my skin has become a little worse since wearing foundation daily but it could also be that now I can see the comparison so who knows. However, this hasn't put me off my daily wear and as I still continue my nightly facial routine I know my skin is having the proper care it needs so this is no longer a concern.

The real problem I had when choosing to adopt a daily foundation was, which one? Having only ever worn foundation on nights out and special occasions I had a Clinique double pressed powder bought by my mother which would last around a year. With its slightly hefty price tag this wasn't a problem as it lasted ages but on a daily bases I thought it could become quite pricy. I tried various liquid foundations but they all felt like a mask on my skin. After only being used to wearing a little power I needed something light but with good coverage and that's when someone recommended me this.

For those of you who have never tried it, it's like a pot of mousse and it has such a soft silky feeling it feels like a layer of skin. It's so light and just the slightest layer produces good coverage. I have no major blemishes on my face just a slight redness in patches and for me it is perfect. I use a foundation brush to smooth on a thin layer and then use a slight bit of pressed powder to create a matt finish.
If any of you are like me and likes to wear a bit of foundation to have more confidence but doesn't like the feel of thick liquid foundation on your face then this is the product for you. I can't recomend this enough so if your umming and aaring then just buy it and I swear you won't be let down.
I have shade 03 Sand and the pot lasts around 2 and a half to 3 months with everyday wear and the occasional night. With the cost of the pot being around £7 depending where you shop then I think it's a pretty good bargain for happiness :)
I hope this post has helped and you have enjoyed reading it. Let me know if any of you also use this foundation and what you think.


P.s sorry for the cheesy love of this product but I'm sure those of you who have found your perfect foundation know how I feel :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Hello, How are you all?
So as the title suggests this post is about bags. With a new season approaching us I am constantly refreshing the New In pages on all clothing websites making sure I don't miss an item. It's becoming sort of an unhealthy addiction but oh well it's only for a few weeks. Anyone else do the same?
The things that are mostly catching my eyes at the moment are bags. Don't get me wrong the clothes are lovely but its too cold to wear the pretty spring clothes and I don't see the point in buying winter woolys as winter is almost ish over. Bags on the other hand are an all year needed accessory so something worth lusting over. There are so many I like at the moment it's hard to pick my favourites but I've managed to narrow it down to 10 (yes that's a lot less than what I like). So in no particular order here are my favs; 

1. I love both colours so much it was just too hard to choose.

2. The same thing happened again :/ oops.

River Island

River Island

River Island

River Island

River Island

New Look

Marc Jacobs @ Asos

10. Because every girl can dream...
Chanel @ Asos

Hope you've enjoyed the post. Leave a comment and let me know if you have any of these or which is your favourite :)


Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hey :)
So I've decided to try out something new on my blog and create outfits of the week. There are so many things that I currently want, instead of the usual wish list, I've decided to post wish outfits shall we call them. It is something that I have decided to do to bring regularity to my blogging as right now I will admit I just post when I feel like and have time. I hope you enjoy reading these types of posts and please comment with other ideas you may have.

So this week I have found myself lusting over all items black and white. The reason? I've never realised before how simple but stylish a black and white outfit could be.
They are neutral colours making them so easy to match with each other and if you keep the outfit totally monochrome then it can look so effortlessly stylish.
I'm not so fussed on the smart look as it reminds me of a school or work uniform but a comfy casual outfit like jeans and a tee teamed with a few statement accessories will have heads turning and just shout style.
All these items are currently on my wish list and eventually hopefully I will get around to buying them.

Hat and Shoes both Ebay/ T-Shirt- Killer Kondo/ Jeans- Topshop/ Bag- River Island

So what do you think? Would you wear this outfit? Also if your feeling brave you could throw on some geek glasses for fun :)
Hope you enjoyed reading,


Thursday, 17 January 2013


I have finally found some time in amongst my busy life to take photos of my sale items. Instead of the usual lay out on a bed I've decided to take photos of what the items look like on. Since I have just taken a simple photo of how they fit rather than how I would wear them they look a little basic so use your imagination and maybe suggest how you would style them below.

I always tend to be drawn to shorts, trousers or skirts of some form which means I have a lack of tops in my wardrobe to go with my love of bottoms, so I decided that I was going to put my money to use and invest in some pretty tops and when better to do that than in the sales :)

I always find that when the sales are on shops just bring out a extra stock lurking in their warehouses and try to pass them of as this season sales which can be so annoying, anyone else noticed this?
However, this year I've tried to look past that and all the winter clothing, which in a few months will no longer be use to me, and I've found some tops which I will be able to wear into the spring and summer.

I've recently downloaded a new app on my phone called Pic Collage and if you haven't already then get it! It's so cool for a free app and I decided to use it to post my pictures today!
What do you think? Which is your favourite?
I'd love to hear how you would style them to add to my ideas so leave a comment :)


Friday, 11 January 2013

*Better Late Than Never*

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you all!!!

A bit late I know but going home for Christmas with only hand luggage means that unfortunately I cannot take my laptop as it's too heavy which means I was unable to blog :( Bad times!!!
Bey hey ho I'm back and settled for my second semester in Spain and I can now share my holiday with you all :)
I was a very lucky girl this year and was spoilt once again. I won't go into detail and name all my presents but my favs were my Ugg slippers... Sooo cosy and warm, and my Chanel bag... Sooo beautifully amazing!!! My holidays we're filled with family funs, too much food and Harry Potter movies!! My boyfriend and I watched one every night until we finished my new boxset and I had to head back to Spain. I miss all our cuddles and hot chocolate but not long til I will be home again!
I also had a new camera off my boyfriend, just a simple point and shoot but its purple so that's amazing :) and I am now the new owner of a tripod which means I can finally take outfit pictures and post them to my blog , yaaay :) 

But enough of the Christmas festive times, I don't know about you but once school/uni starts back and Christmas is over I forget the sparkles and I instantly get excited about summer, holidays and pretty floral clothes. I have a few holidays already planned this year, as apposed to the zero I had last year, and being in Spain until the end of June in the lovely hot sunny weather (not bragging or anything) I think this summer will actually feel like summer yay!
Anyway below is my festive holidays in pictures and I will be back soon to post about my lovely sale buys!
Ciao for now,

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