Friday, 14 December 2012


Hey lovelies,
Yes that's right, as you've probably guessed form the title of this post, I went to Paris with my lovely friend Sian!!!!! And my oh my was it amazing.
Such a good time of the year to visit as there's Christmas lights and decorations everywhere and everyone is wrapped up embracing the cold... so magical.
Our main reason for venturing to Paris was to see Chris Brown (ahh faint). He was absolutely amazing and a moment I will never forget in my life, but whilst we were there we saw a few sights and managed to fit in a few vintage shops. The lovely Kirsti from SilentSweetheart was kind enough to give me some addresses of the vintage shops she had visited in the summer and although I wasn't as lucky as her in finding some pretty vintage items I did manage to pick up some Levi and Wrangler denim shorts at 5 euros each..... Now that's a bargain. 

I shall now stop my rambling and let the pictures do the talking as words cannot describe how beautiful Paris is.....

p.s check out silentsweetheart's blog (link above) as she has now reached 300 followers and is holding a lovely giveaway.
 Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 2 December 2012

*I Turned 21*

Hello Lovelies :)
As you've probably guessed from the post title it was my birthday last Monday and I turned 21 :D I had the most amazing day and I was spoilt rotten!! My mother surprised me and is taking me to NEW YORK!!! Ahhh so excited. We are going next April for a few days and I cannot wait. Apart from that being the best present ever she also bought me a Pandora charm bracelet and had my friends and family to buy me charms for it :) It's so beautiful and shiny, I love it!

On top of all that my wonderful boyfriend bought me a Tiffany necklace and wow, it's so so shiny and pretty it's like every girls dream. He then treated me to a delicious meal in a restaurant called Alfreds in a town close to mine, we had such a lovely evening it really was the best birthday ever.

To celebrate I had a party in my house on the Saturday night with all my friends and family. We sang karaoke and my father and brother set off some fireworks. I was quite busy playing hostess to everyone so I didn't manage to take a photo of my outfit but my mother did take one of me by my cake but it came out a little blurry :( I've still posted it below as I promised in a previous post that I would and although it's a little blurry you can still see my outfit. I also included my outfit that I wore when my boyfriend took me out for a meal.

My birthday in photos.....

Friday, 30 November 2012


Hey, how are you all?
So I've been contacted by this amazing site called Mallzee which is basically a virtual shopping mall. They're launching their site later on this year but are offering you the chance to sign up early for a pre-launch invite plus the chance to win £100 ($155) to spend whilst shopping at Mallzee.

"How does it work? You create your own personal online shopping mall by picking your favourite stores from the 200+ already signed up. Mallzee then finds products suited to your tastes from them all, lets you chat with friends as you shop, gets their opinions and gets you wicked discounts. Plus, you earn money when anyone buys anything from your Mallzee!"

I always shop online and I end up having a million tabs open on my browser comparing different items and it gets a little confusing which is why I usually prefer to just go on one big shopping spree. Mallzee simplifies shopping online and creates a virtual mall for you and your friends to go searching through whilst tucked up in bed instead of out in the rain and the cold. They pick items suited to your taste  from the 200+ shops they already have signed up and add them to your wardrobe to try on. You can also socialise with your friends through facebook or twitter and add items to each others wardrobes that you think might suit them. Sounds amazing right? On top of all that if you buy your items through Mallzee they pay you!! 

Although we have a few months to wait to start this amazing virtual shop you can checkout their blog here.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

*Black & Gold*

Hello lovelies? How is everyone?

So my birthday is slowly creeping up.. 4DAYS (not that I'm counting or anything) :D and my party is in 2 days, and being the typical girl that I am I've now decided to wear a different dress than I had planned so I have desperately been looking for new shoes to match. 
It's not hard as the dress is black. I got it in the summer but I still haven't worn it and originally planned to wear it for my birthday... then I wanted something new and now I'm back to wearing it again haha. I don't have a picture as I'm all the way in Spain and my dress is in the UK but I will post my outfit after my party :) I was looking for something black and gold, shiny or sparkly and have found some amazing shoes. I really love them all but I went with the first pair due to cost and delivery speed ( I hope they arrive :/ ) Enough of my rambling and on to the shoes... Enjoy the rest of your day :)

1.) NewLook £18.74 (with 25% off)

2.) NewLook £18.74 (with 25% off)

3.) NewLook £22.49 (with 25% off)

4.) MissGuided £22.79 (with 40% off)

5.) Office £65
     These are actually my favorite but at £65 it's a lot more than I wanted to spend but now there's 20% off and I want them so bad!!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

*Another day Another tee*

Jacket : Topshop
T-Shirt : Bershka
Jeans : Zara
Snood : Primark
Shoes : Matalan

Hey, How is everyone doing? 
So by carefully piling items and balancing my camera on top I've managed to take ok (ish) photos of my outfit. I wore this the other day but I'm only now finding some time to post it. It's very casual and comfy as I was just going to class for a few hours and then on a shopping spree with my friend so I like to wear clothing that is easy to take on and off for trying on clothes :) I added my new red snood to this outfit to celebrate Taylor Swifts new album release called RED!! I know she's not everyone's favorite but I'm such a big fan and this album really is her best yet so check it out.

Also don't know if you've noticed but I finally have media buttons :) Courtesy of Shrimp Salad Circus check them out here. They're so nice and free!! Enjoy your day :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

* Nail Art *

Hi all,
Since moving to Spain required me to leave nearly all my things at home the one thing I really do miss is my nail varnish collection :( Why do they have to have weight restrictions?? I love being creative with my nails and since I won't be able to until I go home for my birthday then I thought i'd share with you some designs I did over the summer. Hope you all enjoying your all enjoying your sunday dinners ... I miss the little things :(

Saturday, 20 October 2012

*It's that time of year again*

Hi all, 
It's that time of year again... Christmas!!! I moan constantly about the winter because of the cold weather that makes me ill and you always have to cover up your outfit with a coat and winter woolies but there's no denying how magical this time of year is and how excited I get. This is the best time of year for me as my birthday is November so I have double the excitement :) and double the presents :D

I've been traipsing through all clothes websites with all this time on my hands for the perfect birthday dress, it's my 21st and my mother is throwing me a party :) Here are my top three:

1. Asos
Image 1 of ASOS Skater Dress With Lace Bustier

this is in the sale at the moment for £20 so that's always a plus and I love the lace and ribbon detain which makes this dress special. Definitely my fav :)

2. Bershka

You can buy this online in both the uk and spain but its cheaper in spain at 36 euros which is a plus for me right now. I love the floor length especially as it is cold outside and the netting is all pleated which adds so much more detail to a simple dress.

3. Missguided

This is a little different to what I imagined my birthday dress to be like but there's something about this dress which I really love. The black contour lines would add curves to any shape (in the right places) and the lace detail is so pretty.

Which is your favorite? Which would you choose for you birthday? Or any other suggestions leave a comment :)


*Paris Fashion Week S/S 2013*

Hi all,
So I am sure all you fashionistas have been aware of the fashion events for Spring Summer 2013 collections that have taken place over the past few weeks. I have been so busy that I haven't been able to look at the amazing designs but I have been ill for the past few days, :( bummer, but it does mean that I have had time to scroll through the masses of amounts of pictures that Vogue have collected from the events whilst drinking copious amounts of tea :)

I could bombard you all with literally thousands of pictures as I really couldn't choose my favorites but I've chosen some of my favorite trends to share with you. By the way I've only managed to get through the Paris week as there are so many photos, and since my boyfriends 21st is quickly creeping up on me I have had to divide my time between fashion and birthday shopping :)

Enjoy the show...

Alexander McQueen - Long live the Peplum

I love how they has combined the peplum and the caged bodices... Simply amazing!

Paul & Joe - Summer Prints

I have never heard of Paul & Joe before but wow their clothes are amazing. I simply love this whole collection, the mix match prints and colours perfectly complement each other. Definitely keeping an eye out for them in the future.


So Chanel have over sized pearls bags and hats and even clothes but it looks so good. How cool is this hoola hoop bag??

Valentino - The Collar

How they style the collar on the evening wear is so so elegant. This is my favorite trend of all the posts and I hope to see some copies on the high street or become amazing rich soon as I must own one of these deigns.

Sorry for the lengthy post think I got a bit carried away :/ You can find the rest of the collections mentioned and more here. Enjoy :)


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