Sunday, 2 December 2012

*I Turned 21*

Hello Lovelies :)
As you've probably guessed from the post title it was my birthday last Monday and I turned 21 :D I had the most amazing day and I was spoilt rotten!! My mother surprised me and is taking me to NEW YORK!!! Ahhh so excited. We are going next April for a few days and I cannot wait. Apart from that being the best present ever she also bought me a Pandora charm bracelet and had my friends and family to buy me charms for it :) It's so beautiful and shiny, I love it!

On top of all that my wonderful boyfriend bought me a Tiffany necklace and wow, it's so so shiny and pretty it's like every girls dream. He then treated me to a delicious meal in a restaurant called Alfreds in a town close to mine, we had such a lovely evening it really was the best birthday ever.

To celebrate I had a party in my house on the Saturday night with all my friends and family. We sang karaoke and my father and brother set off some fireworks. I was quite busy playing hostess to everyone so I didn't manage to take a photo of my outfit but my mother did take one of me by my cake but it came out a little blurry :( I've still posted it below as I promised in a previous post that I would and although it's a little blurry you can still see my outfit. I also included my outfit that I wore when my boyfriend took me out for a meal.

My birthday in photos.....

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