Thursday, 21 March 2013

* A New World of Shopping *

I am ALWAYS shopping whether it be a haul day, window shopping or browsing through countless clothing websites online. I have my favourite 'go to' shops on the high street but I find that with popular shops such as Topshop or River Island everyone ends up owning the same clothes so I've now branched out and been hunting down great online clothing websites.

I'm always a bit weary when shopping online as if it's a new website you don't know how their clothes fit which can be annoying when, like me, you're in between sizes but most of these websites offer free or cheap returns and often have free delivery days too. 

There are the 'popular' online shops like Asos, boohoo and missguided that I'm sure by now everyone knows about, but if not check them out below, but there are also so many other great websites so I thought that I'd do a post and share some of my favourites and hopefully introduce you to some great new 'shops'.

1. Asos - Selling a wide range of branded clothing including high street retailers, such as River Island, as well as their own amazing range. The largest of online retailers so I'm sure you will find something you like here. Ranges from reasonably cheap to very expensive designer clothes. Here is my pick.

2. Missguided - For the quirky style. Their fashion is fun and playful which is reflected in their modelling shoots. Very affordable prices and great if your looking for something bang on trend but a little different. Here is my pick.

3. Boohoo - Again very affordable prices. Stylish on trend clothing and also a great range of shoes. Now offering free returns too which is always a plus when shopping online. Here is my pick.

4. Ark - I think they do have a few shops but I have never seen one so for me this is solely online. They stock branded clothing such as Motel and Glamorous. Reasonably priced clothing with free delivery offers. Reminds me of Republic. Here id my pick.

5. Oasap - Like Topshop meets Urban Outfitters. Has that vintage feel of Urban Outfitters but also on trend clothing like Topshop. Love this one and they offer free worldwide delivery, What more could you ask for?

6. Yayer - Not a very large collection but what they do have is amazing! One of my favourites and most recently found. Can't believe I only heard of this a few weeks ago. They have such stylish clothing and very reasonable prices, they also stock Jeffery Campbell, but you do have to pay for delivery and returns :( Here is my pick.

7. DaisyStreet - This to me is very similar to missguided. Cheap fashionable clothing with cheap delivery and free exchanges. Definitely worth checking out and they have a great disco pant range. Here is my pick.

8. China Doll Boutique - Being a boutique rather than a store means they stock a lot less clothing but their clothes are so girly and feminine and definitely worth a look. They also offer free delivery offers which is always a bonus. Here is my pick.

9. Evie Knight - Affordable prices, great clothes. Pretty much sums it up. They also have a vintage section which is great! Here is my pick.

10. MeeMee - Love this site. Vintage but fresh feel to all clothes. All different items that I haven't seen else where. Free deliver, free returns and 10% off your first order!! Amazing! Here is my pick.

I hope you've fallen in love with some of these sites as much as I have :)
One Tip : A lot of these sites sell a few similar if not the same items, so before purchasing browse through them all to see which site is the cheapest :)

Happy shopping!!


Monday, 18 March 2013

* OOTW * #9

Hey lovelies!!

This week I've opted for the 'Double Denim' look simply because I want both these items. I return home on Friday and I cannot wait to go shopping to add these to my wardrobe, IF the Rihanna top EVER comes back in stock that is! Have any of you bought anything from the Rihanna range yet?

So these jeans have been flying all over the fashion blogosphere, and why wouldn't they be? They're amazing! They are the perfect cut for high wasted jeans and sooo 90's I love them. I have read many posts about them and apparently they fit like a dream so if you haven't already go buy them!!!

With the double denim going on I've kept this look pretty plain and simple, but each item has a little detail so it doesn't go unnoticed. What do you think? Would you wear this?


Saturday, 16 March 2013

* Mad for Midis *

Hello :)

I have been lusting over midis for quite some time now but I am still yet to buy one but I am slowly giving in to temptation and will be making a purchase soon :)

There is a very large collection of midis to choose from online and narrowing it down to just one is proving difficult. There are long sleeve, three quarter sleeve, cap sleeve and sleeveless, plain or printed and even all different cut necks... help! I think midis are the perfect dress for any occasion, shopping, day at uni, night out.. you name it and a midi would work. They are so versatile and easy to dress up or down. Here is a few that I am considering at the moment.

1. Ark Clothing £17.99. Buy Here


2. Ark Clothing £14.99. Buy Here

3. Ark Clothing  £12.99. Buy Here

4. Missguided £12.99. Buy Here

5. Missguided £16.99. Buy Here

6. River Island £25. Buy Here

7. New Look £14.99. Buy Here

8. Cameo Rose @ New Look £12.99. Buy Here

9. New Look £14.99. Buy Here

10. New Look £14.99. Buy Here

Which would you choose? How would you style a midi? 
Have a lovely Saturday. I'm going out to watch Wales vs England, should be good :D


Monday, 11 March 2013

*OOTW* #8

All Topshop
1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. 

Hey everyone, how has your week been?

I'm sure you're all keeping an eye on the 'New In' pages but if not a big trend creeping into the shops is this Varsity theme and it's amazing, right?

I always think Topshop get this trend just right hence why all items are from Topshop. This being said some of the items are quite expensive but they're pretty standard simple items which I'm sure will have dupes in all other shops.

I LOVE this trend, it's so easy and effortless which can be dressed up or down so it's easy to play with and experiment. Plus it suits everyone!!!

Have any of you worn an outfit like this lately? I'd love to check it out so leave me a link below.

I've also created a new twitter account solely for my blog to post little fashion finds and snippet ootd pictures. Click the link by my profile to follow me or just click here @dreamerdistant :)

Enjoy your day :)


Friday, 8 March 2013


The iridescent trend is slowly creeping into our high street shops ready to peak as one of the biggest trends for 2013. With the likes of fashion designers such as Burberry, Jonathan Saunders and Talbot Runhof, out of many, introducing their designs in every fashion show this season, it's no surprise that this cool and unique trend is going to be dominating the fashion globe this year.

Burberry // Jonathan Saunders // Talbot Runhof

Iridescent means that the material appears to change colour as it shines in the light, like bubbles. It's mainly the metallic 'like' material shown above but there are also sequin materials, gorgeous jewelry and nail polish.

When I first saw this trend make an appearance I was like What? Seriously? but after seeing it appear on so many catwalks it is slowly growing on me. It's a simple way to add a bit of 'wow' to your outfit, but being such a bold statement piece if you do opt for this I'd keep the rest of the outfit simple and let the colours speak for themselves.

I've put together a few pieces to get you started. I have seen a lot more items in the shops but I've managed to find a few online, some are even in the sale so grab a bargain now and be ahead of the trend.

Sorry they are all from Asos, but hey free delivery and student discount is a bonus :) I must admit I do love all of these items and could probably see myself wearing most of it, I've even gone ahead and purchased the shimmering disco pant type trousers (number 3.) as at £13 down from £35, even if they are a 'only wear once' item they are worth it. The Gosh nail polish is definitely next on my list it's just so pretttyyy!!

What do you think of the iridescent trend? Will you be rocking it this summer? I'd love to hear how you'd style it!


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

* Holiday Wish List *

Hi girlies :)

The sun is shining and its around 20 degrees today which has got me all excited for my holidays which led to this post. I've been looking at all holiday clothes making a list of outfits and thing I would like so I thought it's only fair to share my great finds with you all :)

After creating this picture I have realised that these items don't really complement each other but there are so many trends this summer and I want it all!

This Rihanna top has sold out online unfortunately but I am hoping, fingers crossed, it will be in stock in the shop by the time I get home ready to purchase for this lovely sunny weather :)

I am now undecided whether to purchase this lovely checker board top or these shorts mention in my post here. Decisions decisions... HELP!!

As for the tie dye tops well whats not to love?? The're so funky and summery and look effortlessly cool. There are loads flying around on ebay and these are just some I have my eye on.

Which is your favourite item? Have any of you made holiday wish lists yet, i'd love to check them out?? Enjoy your day!!


Saturday, 2 March 2013

*OOTW* #7

Hello everyone :)
Where has this week gone?? Is it just me or has this week gone fast for everyone? Sorry for the lack of posts but it literally feels like yesterday I did the last OOTW and here we are again :O

So I went to the mall one day this week and saw these amazing shorts in Zara and instantly thought 'holiday outfit'. I really love the checker board print, it's new, it's different and a great change from the usual black and white stripe. They actually don't picture well online but they're this amazing smooth, silk like material and their casual but trendy style makes them perfect for a holiday evening. I will definitely be purchasing these :)

I found two tops which I could see myself wearing these with, one more bold than the other but I just couldn't decide so let me know your opinion below :)

How gorgeous are all of these accessories?? The amazing chunky tassels on the sandals and the brightly coloured, jeweled bracelets!! Im so in love <3 Anyone feeling this love too??

Anyway enjoy your Saturday and I have a few posts for this week that I shall be working on today to make sure time doesn't slip by again.

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