Saturday, 31 August 2013

*Make-up haul - New York*


Whilst in New York, amongst the jam packed days of sight seeing from morning til night, I managed to fit in a little, maybe a lot, of shopping. The one thing I had set on my list to buy before going was MAKE-UP!

Since developing a little obsession with it I was EXTREMELY excited to find out that my favourite brand, Clinique, was like dirt cheap compared to here in the UK. I always used to come out with rashes on my face from all sorts of lotions and potions which is why I was always weary of wearing makeup until my mother advised me that Clinique was the only brand that didn't make her react. This is when my love for the brand started. However since growing up my reactions seem to have gone and as long as everything is fragrance free I seem to be able to wear whatever lucky me.

So now you understand my love for the brand you can now understand how happy I was when I found out that for the few days I was there Macy's happened to be having a Clinique bonus time offer on. Amazing right?!? I can't quite remember but I think it was if you spend over $25 you get the free gift, which in my opinion is amazingly generous.

The free gift consisted of a travel wash bag, an on-the-go eye shadow and blusher palette, a lipstick, a high impact mascara, a sample size 7 day scrub cream and a sample size dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Plus on top of all this they were throwing in a free brush set consisting of a little travel pouch, a blusher brush, and an angled eye shadow brush. So you get all this plus whatever product you buy all for $25!! There were two sets to chose from, pink or purple, and as i'm sure you all would've done I purchased my items in separate transactions and chose both!!

The other item on my list, which I'm sure you are all very familiar with, was the very popular Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. This is the best eye shadow palette I have ever purchased. I use if for both day and night looks and even though I'm sure it will last a VERY long time, when it does finally run out I won't hesitate to buy it again. I have now fallen in LOVE with Urban Decay and have the Naked 2 palette on my wish list hint hint anyone.

The last thing I bought was a set of Eco Tools brushes. I think I paid something like $15 dollars for both the starter set and a foundation brush. I must say I wasn't expecting much as they are SO cheap but I had read great reviews about this brand so thought I'd give them a go. The blusher brush is amazingly soft and the other brushes do the job, but I was quite disappointed with the foundation brush as it was a little hard and quite pointed.

I have included pictures of everything below and if there's anything that you would like a full review on just comment below or send me an email and I will do a review post.

Thanks for reading.


*Welcome Back*


As the title suggests I am welcoming back my blog to the blogosphere after a LOOONG time away.

I have been so busy this year basically just LOVING LIFE and travelling but now reality of my last year of uni is settling in I wanted to pay the MUCH needed attention to my blog and get it back running ready for a place to escape to. I hear third year is stressful weep weep.

So now that my Erasmus year is over and I am back in Wales, why so cold??, I can honestly say it was the best year of my life. I made so many good friends and had the best experiences ever! Any of you readers lucky enough to have a year abroad sometime I would STRONGLY advise you to take it and I promise that you will LOVE it. The hardest part of going away... is coming home. I miss it so much :(

I was also lucky enough to have two holidays this year!! Firstly I went to Tunisia with my boyfriend for a wonderful week of relaxing under the sun. Then last minute we booked to go to Kuala Lumpur for almost 3 weeks to visit my mother!! How amazing right? I had never been anywhere east and I would definitely go back just for the food and the amazingly cheap designer bags, all fake of course, but who cares??

So between jetting off to all of these places and catching up with everyone I have missed, I hope now you understand why I had such little time to blog. But have no fear, I am back and ready to pick up where I left off and will get my New York make-up haul post up soon. I will also do posts of all my trips as travelling has now become an addiction of mine, so if your interested then please check out those too :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday. It is actually dry and sunny where I am and I have one of my besties' birthday party tonight so I'm excited!

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