Wednesday, 23 January 2013

*Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse Foundation*

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Hope you're all doing well!

My beauty posts are usually just about nail varnish and designs so I thought I would try something new and what better way to start than with this amazing product.
I'm new to the makeup world as I have only been wearing day makeup for about a year and a half now. Being 21 that may be a little shocking to some of you beauty addicts in the blogosphere but I never felt the need to wear it. Other than turning a tomato red during exercise and the occasional class presentation I was quite happy with my skin. I was also weary of the fact that wearing makeup makes your skin worse but I was never aware of how flawless it can make your skin look when on. I do feel my skin has become a little worse since wearing foundation daily but it could also be that now I can see the comparison so who knows. However, this hasn't put me off my daily wear and as I still continue my nightly facial routine I know my skin is having the proper care it needs so this is no longer a concern.

The real problem I had when choosing to adopt a daily foundation was, which one? Having only ever worn foundation on nights out and special occasions I had a Clinique double pressed powder bought by my mother which would last around a year. With its slightly hefty price tag this wasn't a problem as it lasted ages but on a daily bases I thought it could become quite pricy. I tried various liquid foundations but they all felt like a mask on my skin. After only being used to wearing a little power I needed something light but with good coverage and that's when someone recommended me this.

For those of you who have never tried it, it's like a pot of mousse and it has such a soft silky feeling it feels like a layer of skin. It's so light and just the slightest layer produces good coverage. I have no major blemishes on my face just a slight redness in patches and for me it is perfect. I use a foundation brush to smooth on a thin layer and then use a slight bit of pressed powder to create a matt finish.
If any of you are like me and likes to wear a bit of foundation to have more confidence but doesn't like the feel of thick liquid foundation on your face then this is the product for you. I can't recomend this enough so if your umming and aaring then just buy it and I swear you won't be let down.
I have shade 03 Sand and the pot lasts around 2 and a half to 3 months with everyday wear and the occasional night. With the cost of the pot being around £7 depending where you shop then I think it's a pretty good bargain for happiness :)
I hope this post has helped and you have enjoyed reading it. Let me know if any of you also use this foundation and what you think.


P.s sorry for the cheesy love of this product but I'm sure those of you who have found your perfect foundation know how I feel :)


  1. I used to use this foundation ALL the time! It's probably the only make-up item i've repurchased numerous times, until I decided to start venturing out and trying other foundations. I still love these mousse formulas though. I currently have a very similar one from an Australian brand which is just perfect for those days where I want good coverage but nothing too heavy.

    Great review!


    1. It is an amazing foundation! What is the Australian brand if you don't mind me asking? Although I love this one I'm open to new suggestions :)

      Thanks for reading,

    2. It's called Face of Australia. I'm not sure how easy it is to get hold of, as I brought it when I was living over there. But it is very similar to this one! xx


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