Friday, 13 September 2013

*Kuala Lumpur*

So this summer I spent a wonderful  almost 3 weeks in Kuala Lumpur with my boyfriend. I am lucky enough to have a mother that works/lives there so accommodation was FREE. It was SO nice to see my mother, as I have been in Spain for a year, I haven't seen a whole lot of her and what better place to reunite than in Malaysia. Being there for 3 weeks I could ramble and ramble about everything I did but i'll keep it short and sweet and just mention the main things.

Firstly, anyone planning on visiting Kuala Lumpur I would advise you to stay for only a few days as after the Petronas Towers and the amazingly cheap shopping there isn't a whole lot else to do there.

Petronas Towers
The Petronas Towers are so beautiful and can be seen almost anywhere you go within the city. They are so shiny it is hard to express how AMAZING they are to see in real life. Being the largest twin towers in the world and having the highest double decker sky-bridge it is a fantastic experience to climb. The sky-bridge actually has a 12 inch gap from the building to allow it to move in strong winds which is quite scary to be told when you're about to walk on it, thankfully it was a lovely day. After visiting the sky bridge we went to the very top of the towers where the views of the city are breathtaking. I would definitely recommend this visit to anyone heading to Kuala Lumpur. The best views of the towers can be seen from Traders Hotel sky bar which is free to enter and a whole other experienced in itself.

View from Traders Sky bar

Petaling Street

My FAVOURITE thing to do in the city was shopping in Petaling street market. For anyone that doesn't know this is where you can purchase all things designer!! Fake of course but such good quality no-one could tell. For anyone visiting here is a rough price list;

Bags - RM 80 - RM 100 (£16 - £20)
Sunglasses - RM 25 - RM 35 (£5 - £7)
Hats - RM 25 (£5)
Purses - RM 25 - RM 30 (£5 - £6)

There are also so many malls to visit I couldn't count. Most have the same shops but they also have their own reasons to visit, for example in Berjaya Times Square there is a theme park!!

Berjaya Times Square

Banana Leaf

Best Tandoori Chicken in the world!! 

The main reason I would go back to Kuala Lumpur is definitely for the food. I had the nicest food I have ever tasted here and it was unbelievably cheap. My favourite place was an Indian called Devi's corner. When seeing the place you might be put off as it is nothing fancy but they serve the most amazing Indian I have ever had, even my mother agreed and she lived in India for a year. The three of us had so much food we couldn't finish it and the entire bill, drinks included, came to RM33, that's just under £7!!! It is definitely worth a visit you will not be disappointed.

If any of you are visiting and would like to ask any questions I would be more than happy to share my thoughts and experiences, so either contact me by email which is displayed in my profile or just comment below :)

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my experience and I hope it's now a place to add to your bucket list if it's not on there already.


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