Thursday, 2 August 2012

♥ D.I.Y Glitter Nails ♥

Hey lovlies thought I'd share my amazing idea with you all. Lately I've really been into glitter nails and I've been desperate to achieve the look. My inspiration came when I saw a picture of a Lynnderella nail varnish which you can read about in my previous post here.

So I decided to buy craft glitter and got down to business...

This is all you will need to achieve glitter nails and this glitter is so cheap to buy too so its really worth it. This pot cost me 50p but I've used hardly any of it so it will last ages.

As I wanted to try this out to make sure it worked first I don't have pictures of a step by step guide but its so easy. 
First you should paint your nails with a clear coat of nail varnish so its easier to remove later on.
Then it gets fun, make sure you have a magazine or some paper under your hand not to pour glitter everywhere and that way it's easier to return the excess back into the bottle.
Now you have to apply another top coat and immediately before it can dry pour the glitter onto the nail, then just shake off the excess.
Do this for each nail and once satisfied paint on a top coat and your done :)
I also painted on a glitter top coat just to add extra shine but its really not needed.

Its that easy and here's how they turned out...

I'd love to see pictures if any of you try this out and just thought I should say that the glitter I bought was a purple colour but once I added the top coat it went much lighter so you might want to consider that if you buy some. Hope your all enjoying your day :)

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