Monday, 18 March 2013

* OOTW * #9

Hey lovelies!!

This week I've opted for the 'Double Denim' look simply because I want both these items. I return home on Friday and I cannot wait to go shopping to add these to my wardrobe, IF the Rihanna top EVER comes back in stock that is! Have any of you bought anything from the Rihanna range yet?

So these jeans have been flying all over the fashion blogosphere, and why wouldn't they be? They're amazing! They are the perfect cut for high wasted jeans and sooo 90's I love them. I have read many posts about them and apparently they fit like a dream so if you haven't already go buy them!!!

With the double denim going on I've kept this look pretty plain and simple, but each item has a little detail so it doesn't go unnoticed. What do you think? Would you wear this?


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