Wednesday, 6 March 2013

* Holiday Wish List *

Hi girlies :)

The sun is shining and its around 20 degrees today which has got me all excited for my holidays which led to this post. I've been looking at all holiday clothes making a list of outfits and thing I would like so I thought it's only fair to share my great finds with you all :)

After creating this picture I have realised that these items don't really complement each other but there are so many trends this summer and I want it all!

This Rihanna top has sold out online unfortunately but I am hoping, fingers crossed, it will be in stock in the shop by the time I get home ready to purchase for this lovely sunny weather :)

I am now undecided whether to purchase this lovely checker board top or these shorts mention in my post here. Decisions decisions... HELP!!

As for the tie dye tops well whats not to love?? The're so funky and summery and look effortlessly cool. There are loads flying around on ebay and these are just some I have my eye on.

Which is your favourite item? Have any of you made holiday wish lists yet, i'd love to check them out?? Enjoy your day!!


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