Thursday, 21 March 2013

* A New World of Shopping *

I am ALWAYS shopping whether it be a haul day, window shopping or browsing through countless clothing websites online. I have my favourite 'go to' shops on the high street but I find that with popular shops such as Topshop or River Island everyone ends up owning the same clothes so I've now branched out and been hunting down great online clothing websites.

I'm always a bit weary when shopping online as if it's a new website you don't know how their clothes fit which can be annoying when, like me, you're in between sizes but most of these websites offer free or cheap returns and often have free delivery days too. 

There are the 'popular' online shops like Asos, boohoo and missguided that I'm sure by now everyone knows about, but if not check them out below, but there are also so many other great websites so I thought that I'd do a post and share some of my favourites and hopefully introduce you to some great new 'shops'.

1. Asos - Selling a wide range of branded clothing including high street retailers, such as River Island, as well as their own amazing range. The largest of online retailers so I'm sure you will find something you like here. Ranges from reasonably cheap to very expensive designer clothes. Here is my pick.

2. Missguided - For the quirky style. Their fashion is fun and playful which is reflected in their modelling shoots. Very affordable prices and great if your looking for something bang on trend but a little different. Here is my pick.

3. Boohoo - Again very affordable prices. Stylish on trend clothing and also a great range of shoes. Now offering free returns too which is always a plus when shopping online. Here is my pick.

4. Ark - I think they do have a few shops but I have never seen one so for me this is solely online. They stock branded clothing such as Motel and Glamorous. Reasonably priced clothing with free delivery offers. Reminds me of Republic. Here id my pick.

5. Oasap - Like Topshop meets Urban Outfitters. Has that vintage feel of Urban Outfitters but also on trend clothing like Topshop. Love this one and they offer free worldwide delivery, What more could you ask for?

6. Yayer - Not a very large collection but what they do have is amazing! One of my favourites and most recently found. Can't believe I only heard of this a few weeks ago. They have such stylish clothing and very reasonable prices, they also stock Jeffery Campbell, but you do have to pay for delivery and returns :( Here is my pick.

7. DaisyStreet - This to me is very similar to missguided. Cheap fashionable clothing with cheap delivery and free exchanges. Definitely worth checking out and they have a great disco pant range. Here is my pick.

8. China Doll Boutique - Being a boutique rather than a store means they stock a lot less clothing but their clothes are so girly and feminine and definitely worth a look. They also offer free delivery offers which is always a bonus. Here is my pick.

9. Evie Knight - Affordable prices, great clothes. Pretty much sums it up. They also have a vintage section which is great! Here is my pick.

10. MeeMee - Love this site. Vintage but fresh feel to all clothes. All different items that I haven't seen else where. Free deliver, free returns and 10% off your first order!! Amazing! Here is my pick.

I hope you've fallen in love with some of these sites as much as I have :)
One Tip : A lot of these sites sell a few similar if not the same items, so before purchasing browse through them all to see which site is the cheapest :)

Happy shopping!!



  1. asos is a little hard to shop. i heard that some of their clothes are great quality and some are bad quality. I really want to buy stuff there but I don't want to go through the steps of returning items I don't like.

    1. I have loved almost everything I have ever bought from asos but I have experienced some clothing being bad quality but it is one of the easiest online shops to return to and it's all free so give it a try :)


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    1. Thank you :)

      I'll head over to your blog now.



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